Mobile Content Bits: SinglePoint TV Ads; Skyfire; Social Networkers;; Pepperjam/M3


SinglePoint launches mobile ad platform for TV campaigns: Bellevue-based SinglePoint announced today it has launched SingleBrand, a platform that allows mobile ads to be included in TV text campaigns. For example, when a person watching TV casts a vote about a TV show on their phone, they may thank you in response that includes an advertisement. The ad can offer things such as click-to-call, click-to-link, and click-to-SMS. It can also support ticketing, coupons, video streaming and content download. SinglePoint would not say which of its current customers are using its ad services, but said in general, it has processed almost 100 million interactive transactions during the past year.

Skyfire releases mobile beta: Skyfire has released the beta version of its mobile browser for Symbian phones, which dramatically increases its reach. Matt had a play with it on a Windows handset a few days ago and was pretty impressed. (VentureBeat)

Social networkers use mobile content: A survey by ABI Research has found that people who use social networks are twice as likely to own a smartphone and are much heavier consumers of digital content including SMS, mobile email, photos, music, games and mobile TV than average mobile phone users. Not entirely surprising, so what’s the take-home message?

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