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Mackenzie/Bazalgette Distributor Myvideorights Names First Contributors

New online video rights-selling intermediary Myvideorights has signed TV producer All3Media amongst the first contributors to its catalogue. The service was launched in March by Kelvin Mackenzie’s son Ashley to sell rights to web brands on behalf of content producers, and counts both Mackenzie Sr and former Endemol creative director Peter Bazalgette on its board. The idea is, TV producers can use Myvideorights to shorten, reformat and distribute their work to content-hungry web destinations. Though All3Media was announced as the first to sign-up, paidContent:UK learned other contributors include Film & General Productions, Zodiak Plc, Guinness World Record TV, extreme sports and travel TV maker Black Diamond,, Acorn UK , Whitelight Productions, LSM, DMA and Monumental Adventures.