EconCeleb Video: Gossip Blog Space Young Enough To Allow New Entrants


In the EconCeleb panel concerning how new players are getting into the gossip cyberspace, Mike Dodge, SVP/GM, AtomicOnline; Tyler Goldman, CEO, Buzznet; Mattias Miksche, co-founder & CEO, Stardoll; and R.J. Williams, founder, producer & CEO, YoungHollywood talked about the differences in their own outlets, including Buzznet fostering interactivity among users, YoungHollywood focusing on the up and coming household names and Stardoll seeking to collaborate with celebs and their agents for each other’s benefit. Much more detail on this panel moderated by our founder, publisher and editor Rafat Ali in the full writeup. Bonnie Fuller’s keynote Q&A video is also up and full coverage is at our EconCeleb channel. Video is embedded below (and RSS readers will have to click through).

Thanks a ton to our sponsors: KickApps, Yahoo OMG,, GumGum, Paltalk, Meebo and Celebuzz. Also, in case you missed it, check out our Econoclast10 list, a list of top 10 most innovative celebrities in digital media.

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