Too Many Gadgets, Too Little Space



With little to no desire to do any real writing this weekend, I decided to clean my work space. Once the papers were filed and the books were shifted to the right corner, a clear picture emerged, one of too many gadgets — and too little desk space.

Thankfully, some of those gadgets are review units, soon to be shipped back. But the amount of space they’ll leave behind is still limited. I’m wondering if it’s time to bring home a desktop. Mac Pro is a tad too expensive but would be the perfect machine. I have been trying out Apple’s 30-inch display, but I haven’t come to terms with the size of the screen yet, though the sharpness and clarity are pretty impressive.

Regardless, of all the gadgets sitting on my desk, the Ipevo Skype Desk Phone is the one device I find to be the most useful on a day-to-day basis. If you use Skype to stay in touch with your friends and contacts, I’m sure you would agree. And although you can’t see it in this picture, the Radiosophy’s $50 (after rebates) HD Radio is also a pretty good addition to any work space, especially if you like listening to jazz/blues while writing or surfing the web.

Looking at that photo, which I am sharing with you thanks to a most excellent application/service called Skitch, it is clear that as time goes by, the Edge will continue to become richer and richer. I wonder if this will mean “opportunities” for some software guys who can make sense of this personal data-rich environment.

What also became suddenly clear to me from looking at my living room set-up was that the EU-backed Nanodatacenter project isn’t as far fetched as one might think.

The so-called Nanodatacenters project is based on the idea that you don’t need giant data centers as long as you have increasingly powerful devices in millions of living rooms, capable of doing so much more than suffering through all those Law & Order re-runs.


Sharvil Shah

How do you manage all you VoIP services?
I have skype(with skypein), gizmo, Grandcentral, truphone, fring and some generic SIP service I believe.


I got a 22 inch monitor, and thought it was a big one. Now I saw your work space, and I’m frustrated.


Om, thats some serious hardware- my desk looks the pretty much the same and the new iPhone is awesome.

Om Malik

@Deepak. I have heard the new drobo is much faster, and quieter. I hate the fan in the one i have. too much noise and distracts from working.


I got 15 inch lcd monitor. Half the size of your monitor! arh!
can you tell me how lack behind i am now?


Hey Om. My 10 yo is a serious tinker head. Can he have some of your junk?

Thanks for saving the landfills!


Om Malik

I think you got something there @Eideard.

I think a 24inch iMac with another 23 inch display should do the trick :-)


Just moved to a 24″ iMac, Om – and I still frame my browsers with 2-3″ space left and right. I do go full-screen with a couple of graphics programs.

Internet radio at 128 provides music from all over the world for me – via Klipsch speakers.

But, when there’s a download that I know I’m the only geek in the household interested in, I can just lean back in my office chair and pop the Front Page remote. That screen does full 1080p HD.

That rocks.


I find that two 24″ LCD’s are a lot better than one 30″. Way more screen real estate for a lot less money.

Om Malik


Thanks for the comment – actually I have much more junk than i have – will be getting rid of much of it soon. thanks for sending me the flier. :-)

Alan Wilensky

You are a hopeless gadget addict. Come to my 12 step program. I will snail mail you a flier, after I move these 33 obsolete PDAs/

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