What Won't You Leave Home Without?


Time magazine is out with a list of “25 great gadgets you should never leave home without.” Among other things, they include an Airport Express, a Franklin Global Translator, a MacBook Air, an iPhone, a universal adapter kit, a Kindle, a Flip Mino, a PSP, noise canceling headphones, a second laptop, and a bacteria-killing Water Wand. I haven’t added it all up, but there’s an easy 20 pounds of kit here.

While Time’s editors groan like pack mules under the accumulated weight of all the things they shouldn’t leave home without, I expect that our readers are smarter – and lighter. So, tell us: are there any gadgets you won’t leave home without? What’s on your essential list?



I used to go every place with my MacBook Pro strapped over my shoulder, or riding in the passenger’s seat. But these days, I’m able to get away with just leaving the house with my trusty iPhone on my hip.

No separate cellphone, iPod, and laptop all weighing me down at once. Gear-wise, I’m freer than I’ve ever been!


Thanks to free or cheap apps, my iPhone is lots of gadgets in one, including: voice recorder, flashlight, instrument tuner, music-recognizer, atlas, mileage recorder, movie player, e-book reader, camera, calculator, address book, notepad, iPod–and phone. The flashlight app in particular has come in very handy.


I could see the Kindle though but I haven’t been willing to fork over the money to buy one yet…

Let alone the fact that Kindle 2.0 is right around the corner, and if they behave anything like the 2nd gen iPhone, it’ll be half off and have way better apps LOL

So, hold on to your wallet and use what you have!

Robert Witham

I usually settle for my mobile phone & a pen and notepad. I could see the Kindle though but I haven’t been willing to fork over the money to buy one yet…


In addition to the weight of all that STUFF, wow, the expense! A new iPhone, a MacBook Air… who’s picking up the tab?! (Yes, I get it. I get it. They’re not taking ALL of it.)

The Canon is a great little camera, but we are totally digging the Panasonic Lumix 10xoptical zoom. Great pics, great optics, great little pocket camera.

And earplugs. The foam kind. For a couple a bucks from any drug store.


These days the only really essential thing is the iPhone. Usual add-ons are my Macbook, a small digital voice recorder (handy when you want to record a conference session), an older Canon ELPH (which does video too), noise-canceling headphones, and a Nintendo DS (Dear Time: there’s a reason it’s popular, and it’s not because all the users are kids).

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