Setting Reminders in Resnooze and Outlook


Do you ever send e-mails to yourself to remind you about tasks you need to get done? I’ve done that a lot, but it’s a very inefficient way to schedule reminders, especially if you want recurring reminders. Calendars are more efficient, but I happen to like getting my reminders right in my e-mail inbox, since that’s where I am a lot of the time. I use Outlook a lot of the time, and have mastered its easy way to set e-mail reminders, but Webware alerted me to a web-based alternative: Resnooze.

The screen above is what you see right on Resnooze’s home page as soon as you arrive there, and lets you get going immediately. Through the drop-down box above, you can choose to set a daily, weekly or monthly reminder (you can also choose to set reminders for other people, which sounds a little scary). As soon as you go to set one, Resnooze e-mails you an account confirmation link and you’re good to go.

You can save old reminders if you want to resurrect them, and you can change parameters for reminders whenever you want. For example, you can instantly switch a weekly reminder to monthly. You can also have Resnooze give you an e-mail address to use to set your reminders if you’re on, say, a mobile phone and want to set a reminder on the go. And, you can type a URL in to Resnooze, instead of a task, if you just want a reminder to visit a web page.

Do you, as I do, use Outlook all day? It offers a variation on what Resnooze does by letting you remind yourself to follow up on messages you’ve received. You’ll find instructions in this post–very easy.


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