Pier Screenings Pilots: Park Bench Wins


Just got home from a delightful evening at the first NewTeeVee Pier Screenings of the season, where Park Bench took home the prize for best web series pilot with its “Tested” episode. The show is made by Tertiary Productions and Suzanne Cotsakos. Its embed autoplays, so it’s after the jump.

Our finalists finished in the order below (click on the image so it’ll be large enough to read). The top four receive external harddrives as prizes, in part from our sponsor G-Tech (we’ll be in touch to mail them to you if you couldn’t be present). I included short commentary based on my own thoughts and those expressed by our judges.

1. Park Bench: “Tested” by Tertiary Productions and Suzanne Cotsakos (PSA turned buddy comedy)
2. Engaged: “Episode 1” by Matt Enlow (sharply acted mockumentary)
3. Visit: “Episode 1” by Gray Miller (total departure from web video norms — really striking)
4. Vice 101: “Horse Racing” by Haim Silberstein (highly entertaining and tightly detailed educational video)
5. Font Series: “Font Conference” by College Humor (perfect for the web, but would it work as a series?)
6. Blank White Cards: “Axe Mouth Spray” by Nick Douglas (hilarious bit, but maybe too short and context-free for our crowd)

This was a seriously good crop of finalists, and really different from each other too. Our expert panel of judges — Martin Sargent of Revision3, George Strompolos of YouTube and Marie Drennan of San Francisco State University — said nearly without exception that they’d like to see the second episode of every single show on the list. And it sounds like at least one series — Vice 101 — may get picked up based on its good showing at the event.

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a little walk-through video I made when things were getting started:

Thanks again to our sponsors — ON2 Technologies, G-Technology, Volomedia, Move Networks and DF SPlash — and our great partners Eventbrite, Mozes, and BitGravity.



So fun to watch the streaming broadcast. Tom and I wrote and acted in the Park Bench and were so thrilled to have it recognized. I’ll be attending the event in NYC in September. Look forward to meeting everyone involved.

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