New eReader for iPhone is up




Just grabbed it here in Panera Bread.  Sweet.



has anyone tried to upload their own content for use with ereader v1.1? i tried uploading copies of cory doctorow’s works in both the ereader and palm doc format using ie7 and ff3. neither browser was able to upload either file type. i entered a support ticket with ereader already.

Mike Cane

Gee, I notice no one complained when he did HTC Advantage or Windows after Windows product. Feeling the heat, are we? ROTF!


I love the Odd series. I just got the iphone as well and am loving it as well. Keep up the great work!

James Kendrick

Jake, sorry you are not finding anything here of interest to you. The truth is the iPhone came out and I got mine right at the same time as the GigaOM deal. I hardly think you can seriously call us just an iPhone blog. I get emails every day with questions about the iPhone and people are still lining up to buy them so it is no question an item of great interest.

iPhone aside, I think we offer a lot of coverage on many different things, in This Week at Mobile Tech Manor I must have mentioned near a dozen things non-iPhone. Stick around and you’ll find something you like. Just skip over the iPhone stuff if you have no interest in it.


Is it just a coincidence that jkOnTheRun turned into an iPhone blog around the same time as it was bought by GigaOM? Surely people can go to the AppStore if they need to read constant software recommendations. I’d have thought you’d have found something more interesting to write about by now since you have all this extra time on your hands James.

Wiley J

Yes, I agree. We need a picture of the reading screen. I am so used to the small screen of an iPaq. What dose the big screen look like??
NW Harris County

Mike Cane

And? And? Where are some details about how it’s different? You have an *iPhone* now, man! Put that TypePad app to work!!

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