Yahoo’s Annual Meeting: Drama Or Snoozer, We’ll be There


imageYes, everyone’s pronouncing Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) annual meeting DOA. Nevermind that Carl Icahn won’t attend, or that the new board members won’t voted in until after the meeting; that doesn’t mean it would be short on histrionics. Certainly the media has already done its part in covering the fact that there won’t be any drama, only some prickly moments.

Meanwhile, my day will start with Yahoo: I will be at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, in the press contingent, up and early, covering as I can…we aren’t allowed to take pictures, or record audio and video, but that’s standard protocol. The rest of you can listen in to the webcast, here, starting at 10 AM PST.


digital bear

sounds like the "final" annual meeting before madison avenue takes flight leaving them to sell assets & chop up the company. hopefully jerry has an escape plan for when shareholders start acting on his person non-grata status. he isn't the folk hero of the 90's. he is the new "excite@home" screw up.

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