NPR Buys Interactive Arm of PRI


National Public Radio (NPR) has made its first online acquisition: it has bought out the web services arm of Public Radio International (PRI), the Minneapolis-based public radio production company. Public Interactive will now become a part of NPR, and NPR will involve PRI in growing it for the digital media tools, services, and solutions PI provides for public radio and TV stations, producers, and distributors.

PI, based in Boston, was founded in 1999. Debra May Hughes, who has served as President and COO of PI since 2005, will continue to lead PI. The company will “act as a neutral utility serving all of public will also continue to operate as a fee-for-services business,” the companies said. PI’s clients include public radio and public TV program producers such as “Car Talk,” “The World,” and “The Tavis Smiley Show.” More in the release, and in the internal memo here.

NPR had a change of guard earlier this year, as then CEO Ken Stern left abruptly, and Dennis Haarsager, an avid tech blogger, took over as the interim CEO for a year. This digital move is probably a result of those changes as well.

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