Vista tuning guide available from Microsoft

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TuneupYou have probably seen any number of articles on the web and in print magazines that tell you how to optimize or tune Windows Vista to provide better performance for providing a better user experience.  Vista does a lot of things in the background and most of these articles involve turning off some of those background tasks or services as Microsoft calls them so that they are not hogging resources.  Vista can be improved through this method but it is not something that the uninitiated should start doing willy-nilly as you can really hose things up in a big way by doing them incorrectly.  That is why Microsoft has jumped into the tuning game and released their own Vista Performance and Tuning Guide.  It is available as a download through the Microsoft site and will guide you through the most common changes you can make to Vista to get better performance, especially out of computers with borderline components such as mobile PCs.  Give it a try and see how it works for your setup.

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Hi There,
As a computer tech, I checked out the guide. There is really nothing new here that couldn’t be applied to XP with the exception of Ready-Boost and UAC. I run Vista on a newer laptop and did most of this and more already. The biggest thing is Services which is not for the faint of heart. I haven’t messed with them much on Vista, but by default there are ALOT turned on. I have an older XP laptop I tweaked, that runs with 15 services, but my Vista laptop runs 40-45 including the Virus Scanner. Thanks for the link!

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