Vid-Biz: Akamai, ABC, Blu-Ray

Akamai Says Traffic is Up, But Content Owners Spending Less; Dan Rayburn cries foul on the reasoning, says more content coming online, economy is not hurting the CDN’s business. (Streaming Media Blog)

Disney Credits Internet for Revenue Bump; ratings slump on ABC was offset by higher ad rates and digital media revenues on (Silicon Alley Insider)

Dish Network to Offer PPV Movies in 1080p; satellite service says the offering will be “Blu-Ray disc quality,” but is that accurate, and will it run into bit-rate realities? (Bits Blog)

Google Eyeing a VC Arm? Speculation is high that the company will create an investment unit; till now the company has made numerous investments, including $5 million to Chinese P2P company Xunlei. (GigaOM)

McCain Re-Releases Copyright-friendly Obama Love; after being caught by Time Warner, McCain camp reposts its vid with instrumental music. (Newsweek)

YouTube Adds Language Support; new feature allows you to watch featured videos from Canada while navigating the site in French or another one of the 15 translations available. (YouTube Blog)

Caachi Launches Streaming Service; Watch NOW! offers a mix of free and for-pay independent film content. (Caachi)