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Twing Adds Brand Monitoring Features to its Forum Search

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twing logoMonitoring the Internet for people discussing your product or brand can be invaluable to help understand how the public views you. Tools like Google Alerts or Filtrbox can handle news, blogs and web pages while Summize keeps tabs on Twitter. For forums and message boards there is Twing.

The last time we looked at Twing, Mike found the forum friendly search engine to be a useful tool in the search arsenal, particularly for finding help from others who may be experiencing similar issues.  A recent Twing update now adds functionality to make this process even easier for those looking to monitor forum discussions for their brands or products.

These newly added features include the handy ability to save frequent searches and to view what they call Buzz Charts. Buzz Charts visually display what is hot in the various forums that they index. They also let you prepare a comparative view of multiple terms to gauge trending.

Twing Buzz Chart

Fancy presentation doesn’t mean a whole lot if the data behind it isn’t strong though, and here I found Twing to be somewhat hit or miss. Results for some of my test search terms came back strong with recent results while others were a bit less so.

For example, a search for Tivo at the forum level did come back with the largely popular Tivo Community Forum, but when looking for posts or topics specifically about TiVo I couldn’t find anything from them mixed in with the results.

I wouldn’t rely solely on Twing, but as a compliment to other services it can help you better keep track of the online discussions about your product or service.

How do you track your brand online?

6 Responses to “Twing Adds Brand Monitoring Features to its Forum Search”

  1. “It was using 80% of our total bandwidth by itself, although it was following the robots.txt rules. Just way too many visits.”

    We think this was a rare occurrence, (which was fixed). If someone – tony – is having an issue, contact us and we’ll deal with it.

    Twingbot is designed to be bandwidth friendly and gets tested on multiple forum platforms to ensure this. If Twingbot screwed up, we take it seriously and get it fixed. Also remember that once a forum is first added, (to any search engine), doing initial http GETS, etc. to get historical data for indexing may take a little while. But once done, typical updates are more trivial for most sites.

    If there’s some particular problem the ‘bot has run into on a particular site, there may be some esoteric issue for a forum type we missed. If you could let us know which board you’re on, we’ll look into the particulars more deeply.

    More details, at least as much as I can share, are in the discussion thread on the FPU site Tony links to above.

  2. I wouldn’t fully rely on them either. The colossal amount of bandwidth that their Twingbot sent in our direction led to a site I’m involved with banning it.

    It was using 80% of our total bandwidth by itself, although it was following the robots.txt rules. Just way too many visits.

    Similar problems described by some posters here.