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Times Internet Takes 50 Percent Stake In Online Books Site A1Books

Times Internet, the online arm of BCCL/Times Group, has taken a 50 percent stake in Webnotions Books India, the parent company of online books site No details on how much is being invested into Webnotion with this deal.

Webnotions USA was founded in 1995, and the India branch based in Noida, started in December last year. A1Books will power the books section on…possibly the first thing Times can do is help A1 redesign is circa 1996-looking website, at least bring it into the new millenium, design wise.

3 Responses to “Times Internet Takes 50 Percent Stake In Online Books Site A1Books”

  1. Lord Haw Haw, compare any graphic novel title inspiration like a Michael moorcock or robert anton wilson, you won't find it in landmark. Just did a check on A1, its expensive, but atleast its there.

  2. Lord Haw Haw

    Why even bother… Unless they are planning to shut down the books division of Indiatimes.

    A1books used to offer some real deals earlier. now it's all more expensive. It is cheaper to go to a mall and pick up premium titles. than to order from A1books. just compare any graphic novel title on A1books vs. landmark.