Sylvania G netbook deets appear


Sylvania_gYesterday we mentioned that word had leaked out about the upcoming netbook from Sylvania for $299.  I heard from the horse’s mouth that the $299 price is their target but has not been confirmed yet.  I also got the real specs (click to enlarge) from Sylvania about the G:


Looks pretty sweet I must say.



Looks like great value to me if it will be at $299! Ugly or not.


Looking at those specs, I’m not entirely sure what the difference between these and the Dell E is.


Just from reading the specs I was just thinking that it may be a good deal, but after looking at the thing, it definitely looked like it was hit with the ugly stick.

Mike Cane

Yesterday, I thought it looked somewhat like the Wind. Today, it’s just FUGLY. 1GB max RAM?! Joke? And no weight listed! $299 would be ironic, considering the Cloudbook-like one is well above that in price at J&R!

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