S60, Windows Mobile are on board with Google transit directions


GooglemapstransitBlackBerry owners gained transit maps on Google a few weeks back and now it’s time for the S60 and Windows Mobile handsets to jump on board. You’ll see a new "Transit" tab on your map and the Google claims directions are available for over 50 cities worldwide. Hmm… no Philadelphia transit support for me, but at least it’s all good when I take my next trip to ??????. Hey, it’s no Doyletown, but I suspect the data coverage might be working. ;)

Some commenters are indicating usability issues with the new functionality on a Windows Mobile device, so you’ll want to be wary. If you’re up for a challenge and have an S60 or WinMo handset, just point your mobile browser to http://www.google.com/gmm.



Too bad Microsoft can’t or won’t implement this in Live Mobile. Still, unless Google allows synchronization of personal maps between account and GMM, I don’t really feel the need to install it…

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