Psystar Lawyers-up With Some Experience


Psystar has officially decided to not go down without a fight. They requested more time to respond to the suit brought forth by Apple and are represented by lawyers from the firm Carr & Ferrell, ComputerWorld reports. They have until August 18th, if this motion is approved, to respond to the claims, which is a two-week delay.

Carr & Ferrell specialize in intellectual property suits and are located in Silicon Valley, strategically placed to offer their services to the heart of the tech industry. They represented in patent lawsuits against Microsoft and Apple. Those cases were settled with awards going to in the amounts of $60 million from Microsoft and $10 million from Apple (I don’t think they used that windfall to improve their website, though).




Ummm, maybe he means the digital music market. He’s probably sitting in front of his computer right now not realizing that the p.o.s. operating system he’s using was made by a company that got smashed multiple times for monopolizing the computing world (a.k.a. MICROSOFT)


Josh Pigford

bevo, I’m curious. What “market” is it that Apple is monopolizing? It certainly isn’t the computer market.


Go, get them Psystar. Please, please, counter sue Apple for a section II violation of Sherman Act. Apple is attempting to monopolize a market. They have caused you harm.

Sue the hell of Cupertino

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