One to Watch: Onecast

We’re tracking a stealth startup called Onecast and/or 1cast that was apparently founded and funded by Craig McCaw, based on a tip from a commenter whom we have reason to believe may work for the company. The main guy at Onecast seems to be a fellow named Anthony Bontrager of Kirkland, Wash., though if we’re reading the LinkedIn tea leaves right, the company may also be partly based in San Francisco.

The company is apparently similar to RedLasso — the legally troubled startup that allows bloggers to search for and embed snippets of television — but according to our commenter, unlike RedLasso, Onecast already has deals with “the leading news programmers both here in the US and the UK.”

We learned from Bontrager’s Bebo profile that the company is “backed by telecom pioneer Craig McCaw.” And there’s more info about that in a conference bio, which calls McCaw the founder of Onecast and notes that Bontrager’s previous company, Broadstream Communications, “secure[d] the largest library of IP-content rights from companies such as NBC-Universal, Disney/ABC, ESPN, Starz, Discovery, Fox, Turner Networks and others.” Broadstream was an IPTV network services company sold to Avail Media in 2006.

1cast is not to be confused with the now-shuttered, bubble-era Seattle-based sports site. We don’t think it’s the same thing as this Onecast, but that company’s landing page’s wording is quite similar, so maybe we’re wrong.

We also got a few more tidbits about Onecast’s potential plans from an online survey the company conducted, which includes questions such as:

– Would you like to see new services that blend the multi-tasking environment with video viewing?

– How likely would you be to interact with an ad if it was relevant or of interest to you?

– Would you be willing to share certain viewing preference information with television programmers or content producers if it meant a more relevant viewing experience?

So what will Onecast be? We shall see. If you have any more clues, let us know. This concludes your online stalking report for the day!