Homemade 9-cell MSI Wind battery: functional, yes; fashionable, no


Has it really come down to this MSI? Folks either can’t find the 6-cell battery for your Wind netbook or they have an acidic bad taste in their mouth due to a price increase for a unit with the higher capacity power pack. The do-it-yourselfers have united, so take note! Some extra battery cells combined with electrical tape and good ol’ fashioned ingenuity can yield powerful results.

In fact, just keep your puny 3-cell and now-anemic 6-cell battery. We’ve raised the ante to 9-cells. Are you calling us or are you folding? Hey, we might not be fashionable with battery cells sticking out our backsides and held together with tape, but we’re computing a heck of a lot longer! Oh wait… did you say "warranty"? OK, we fold.

(via Liliputing)


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