Firebug Lite Extends Firebug's Reach


ScreenshotWeb working web developers know about Firebug – the wonderful HTML/CSS/Javascript investigation and debugging addon for Firefox. But this hasn’t been any help for chasing problems in other browsers, which often have quite inferior facilities for figuring out what’s going on – until now. The release of Firebug Lite offers new hope to those trying to chase rendering and script issues in IE, Safari, and even Opera (though Opera users already have the native Dragonfly to use).

Firebug Lite is a JavaScript file that runs in the context of the page where it’s loaded, simulating some of the most important Firebug features. You can either insert it into the page source or call it from a handy bookmarklet. Supported features include the Firebug console interface, XmlHttpRequest tracking, and the Firebug command line. Worth bookmarking if cross-browser compatibility is on your job duties.



What about “Web Development Helper” by “Nikhil” for IE? I’ve been using that for months to debug IE layout problems….


Finally! The original firebug is awesome for doing javascript debugging in Firefox.

Which is great, but since most of our “weird javascript errors” happen in ie, it wasn’t all that helpful.

If this works as promised, this will save us a ton of time.

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