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Vishal Gondal Turns Startup Saviour; Forms Investment Group

Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO of Indiagames Ltd, is becoming a saviour for startups. Gondal, who sold a large chunk of his holdings in the online gaming company Indiagames first to Chinese gaming giant Tom Online and later to UTV Software Communications, has launched a new venture called Sweat And Blood Venture Group. This entity will invest in startups at seed level, mentor them, and help them scale.
Gondal has already made his first (undisclosed) investment in Instablogs, a social news website headquartered out of an unusual place – Shimla in Himachal Pradesh (see another story here for more details). Instablogs has a worldwide network of citizen journalists writing about news developments and is modelled on the basis of Canadian social news website Gondal says there are promising startups outside large cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, and his idea is to spot them, invest in them and mentor them.

Currently, Gondal is investing his personal money. He refused to say how much has been kept aside, however, VCCircle

4 Responses to “Vishal Gondal Turns Startup Saviour; Forms Investment Group”

  1. digital bear

    love the name– sweat & blood. curious about the blood part given the recent bombings in india. he is in an interesting position given his government's aversion to foreign media ownership. western investors should petition the indian entrepreneurs until they petition their congress to allow for more foreign ownership– they can invest outside but not let people in. think about what the india government just did to kill the doha round on trade and now we want to have someone named "sweat & blood" xenaphobia!