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Forrester Buys JupiterResearch For $23 Million

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Forrester Research has bought rival tech and media analyst JupiterResearch along with its parent company, JUPR Holdings, from MCG Capital Corporation for $23 million in cash. The announcement was made by the Jordan, Edmiston Group, which managed the deal. In addition to the cash, the purchase also covers JupiterResearch

8 Responses to “Forrester Buys JupiterResearch For $23 Million”

  1. This is a smart move on Forrester's part for a number of reasons (e.g., getting smart analysts with reputations, adding sales reps with rolodexes, and adding clients to cross-sell). However, it is not a big deal in terms of impact on the analyst landscape. For more analysis check out SageCircle's blog posts on the Forrester / Jupiter M&A;event at SageCircle's blog:

    * Forrester buying Jupiter – smart, but not a big deal

    * Which acqusitions in the analyst industry were winners or duds?

    As to the purchase price. Remember, consulting firms do not get the multiples of a software company or a Web 2.0 high flyer. Forrester paid 1.6x revenues, which is higher than the 1.3x revenues that Gartner paid for META Group and the 0.74x that Forrester paid for Giga.

    Carter Lusher
    SageCircle – the experts on the IT industry analysts and analyst relations best practices

  2. Joseph Weisenthal

    At $14 million in revenue, it seems like Jupiter's actual business was a lot smaller than their media presence would indicate. With a few high profile names and some active blogs, they did a good job of making themselves look bigger than they actually were.

    Probably a smart time for them to sell. I wouldn't want to be a small firm purely dependent on selling high priced research going into a recession. If your a manager and your budget is cut, you might think twice about shelling out $1500 for a mobile search ad forecast.

  3. John Doe

    Very good deal for Forrestor.

    Good deal for Jupiter too, now that are working with a better company with better infrastructure already in place.

  4. digital bear

    Seems cheap. Anymore details on the transaction? Does this mean that all these research companies aren't making that much in terms of subs? Why sell now?