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Posterous Opens Up

ScreenshotWe mentioned Posterous on their launch about a month ago. At the time, they were an interesting email-to-blog platform – but they only supported creating their own custom blogs. But with some changes just announced, they’re suddenly a much more interesting platform: you can now use Posterous as an email conduit to a number of other sites.

Specifically, Posterous lets you set up passthrough posting to your Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Livejournal, or Xanga accounts. It’s still the same workflow: send an email, get the content hosted, it shows up – but now you can vary the email to post to any of your registered sites, or to all of them at once. If you find yourself firing up a blog editor just to pass on a photo or a snippet of info, a Posterous account could help streamline your workflow considerably.

6 Responses to “Posterous Opens Up”

  1. Hey all,

    Thanks so much for the mention! We’re excited about the response so far, and it means a lot to us to see covering something that could be useful to every blogger out there.

    First off, we haven’t had a chance to play with very much yet, but from what we understand, it just posts without hosting your photos, music, video or files. I have no doubt it’s a good service for what it does, but we think it’s more valuable to automatically host and serve content on a posterous blog than to be a pipe or a channel.

    It’s more useful for first-time bloggers especially. Think your non-technical Mom or Dad who knows email but can’t be bothered with learning a new blog platform.

    Finally, with respect to WordPress, it’s been a feature for years but how many people really even know it exists? Some of the most technical people I know actually didn’t know you could do it. For Posterous, we make email the featured and best way to do it, and we make sure we do everything it takes to make it a great experience and not an afterthought. That includes always resizing and providing instant galleries for multiple photos (many email-to-blog features just post 1, or don’t resize, or just are buggy). Or providing Scribd document preview for documents. Or an MP3 player. Or an automatic iTunes-compliant podcast RSS feed for your blog and all the audio files you’ve sent us.

    Regarding the linkback, we’ve been in touch with Mika and we’re working to provide this as a part of a Pro Blogger service coming within the very near future. Being unobtrusive was important for us but we understand that for pro bloggers, even a small 10px-sized text link can be too much.

    Finally, you can count on it that a) we’ll super responsive to your feedback, and b) we’ll be working hard to get better every day.

    Thanks for the mention again, and thanks for using posterous.

    -Garry, cofounder,

  2. Seems like a pretty easy service to use, but I really don’t like the fact that they add “Posted by emailfrom mika’s posterous” at the bottom of the post, and link back to the blog that I have set up.

    This should be an option that we can turn off – so I’ve emailed them to ask about that. Otherwise it seems like the service is there to help you while also being self-promoting which makes me not want to use it on my blogs.

    I haven’t used like Pete has, but I’m going to check that out too.

  3. I’d be interested to see how this stacks up against

    I’ve been using their service for the last month or two for this exact purpose and have been pretty happy with it.