IE Tab: Jumping Between Firefox and Internet Explorer

Recently, over on the OStatic blog, I covered Sleipnir, which is a popular browser in Japan, but few people outside of that country use it. It has one primary claim to fame–an unusual one–which is that it allows you to switch between the Gecko rendering engine using by the Mozilla Firefox browser and Internet Explorer’s rendering engine. This means that if you run into a rendering problem in Firefox, for example, you can take another look using IE’s rendering engine (this is for Windows users).

The folks on Download Squad originally alerted me to Sleipnir here, and they also make the interesting point that you can use both rendering engines with a useful Firefox extension: I ETab. I’ve been using I ETab, and web workers–especially designers–may find it very useful.

IE Tab adds a Switch Rendering Engine option to your context menus, as seen above, and you can pull up the menu option by right-clicking on the relevant tab, or use other methods for switching, as seen here. For web designers and developers in particular, this presents an on-the-fly way to look at how web pages will be presented by Firefox’s and Internet Explorer’s rendering engines.

For a long time, I’ve been in the habit of using Firefox and Internet Explorer concurrently. I do most of my work in Firefox, but I’ll jump into IE if I have a problem with a page, and there are still some sites that require Internet Explorer. Both the Sleipnir browser and IE Tab present fast ways to jump back-and-forth. IE Tab is compatible with Firefox version 3, as well.


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