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Meetup’s Latest Round: $7.5 Million

Last week, NY-based social networker Meetup announced a new round of funding, sans-price. According to a regulatory filing, the round was for $7.5 million, reports peHUB. In addition to lead investors USV, past backers DFJ and Omidyar Network also participated. This is the company’s fourth round, and they’ve held numbers close to the vest in fact, though we do know that eBay’s (NSDQ: EBAY) investment in them was $2 million. No word on valuation.

2 Responses to “Meetup’s Latest Round: $7.5 Million”

  1. Joseph Weisenthal

    I think that's a bit strong, especially without knowing more about the valuation/financials.

    But I do know that unlike Facebook et. al, Meetup has a real revenue model. As in paying customers. Whether that will last is another question.

  2. Nathan Richardson

    After round #2, shouldn't you be questioning the management, investors and strategy of the business? Four rounds means something that invested in Web 1.0 technology, started after facebook and is milking Omidyar & DFJ LPs for a bath.