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Italy’s MediaSet Sues YouTube; Seeking At Least $800 Million Damages

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imageMore copyright headaches for Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and YouTube… Italy’s MediaSet says it is suing the video site for at least $800 million, claiming the standard complaints about illegal distribution of commercial audio and video files. The firm joins Viacom (NYSE: VIA) and France’s TF1 in making the claim. Already, Spain’s Telecinco, which is owned by MediaSet, has filed suit against the video sharing site. In response, YouTube offered up a ‘we respect copyright’ statement, according to Reuters. In addition to representing a new front in its ongoing fights over copyrighted material, this is Google’s second recent setback in Italy. Last week, Italian Prosecutors said they would charge four Google execs for failing to monitor content, including a video of youths taunting an autistic classmate. MediaSet was founded by Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Bloomberg:”According to a sample analysis run by Mediaset on June 10, at least 4,643 videos belonging to the company were found on YouTube. That equals more than 325 hours of broadcasting without corresponding rights, the company said. Mediaset claims that, based on the number of its clips available on YouTube and the hits generated, the broadcaster lost the equivalent of 315,672 broadcasting days.”

6 Responses to “Italy’s MediaSet Sues YouTube; Seeking At Least $800 Million Damages”

  1. I'm Italian,
    Please help us!

    Copyright is the fake-problem: they USE IT to shut down the last place where we can find true information, true news and so on. For the last 15 years they used television to tell us only the things they want we know, making us THINK exactly what they want. Youtube is a serious trouble for berlusconi's programmed dictatorial empire: information MUST REMAIN in him hands, or someone may know what he is doing.

    look here at the 3:46 what appens when some of us try to say something.

    greetings from an ex-good place.

    Please help us, we are good people, we are workers, we don't deserve a dictator!!

    You hate the mafia, we hate it too!

  2. Yes, the Viacom battle probably has taught them a lesson or two. Nevertheless, the internet is still uncharted territory with fewer rules. Lawsuits like this, regardless of the outcome, surely push the internet towards more regulation. I'm interested to see what battles like this will collectively do to the future of the internet.

  3. christian

    yes, all this legal drama will cost google a lot of money but i'd bet they win the fight in the end. viacom/mediaset et al needs to find a way to work WITH google rather than against 'em. expand the pie and everyone will win.

  4. In a frenzy to own a video site Google has purchased some very major problems here. I don't think this will end for a very long time and it will end up costing Google a ton of dough to fix.