IPG Acquires Stake In Online Marketer Huge


Ad holding company Interpublic Group has acquired a stake in online marketer Huge. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. The two also didn’t provide any details as to what the size of the “strategic interest” IPG is taking in Huge is. IPG, one of the top three global ad holding companies, has been fairly cautious in making digital purchases over the past year, in comparison to rivals like WPP Group and Publicis Groupe. Huge is known primarily for building websites for brands. As marketers like Nike and Converse have been relying on creating their own websites as a marketing tool, agencies have started to realize that they have to do more than provide ads and media buys. And so, in purchasing a stake in Huge, IPG is not buying another online ad agency, but trying to catch up to where its clients are headed. Release


Erica Sietsma

I have to disagree with you a little Ian…if part of marketing is building a brand image/presentation/messaging – then yes, a website is part of marketing. I believe in the past we had too narrow of a definition of what we expected of a web provider. Company's need to step up those expectations and lean more heavily no their web providers to be more than just a pretty destination.

Ian Schafer

Here's something to ponder…

Are website development companies 'marketers'? I argue, 'No'.

They build websites. Beautiful, engaging, and important websites, but websites nonetheless.

The holding companies have a lot more to worry about than website development.

David Kaplan

I'm glad you made that reference and not me, Nathan, though I was sorely tempted. Anyway, i dedicate this rimshot to you: ba-dump-bump!

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