Would You Outsource Your Tech Support?


ScreenshotEvery web worker has at least one computer to keep running – and we all know what a nightmare that can be at times. iYogi has a suggestion for you: spend $119.99 on them, and their technicians will be available to you for a full year for remote support. They’re generally Microsoft-oriented, and offer services like setup and troubleshooting for Office applications, Windows upgrades, antivirus and security settings, and so on. In addition, they have a small business arm that can provide more extensive services on Windows servers for a per-incident fee.

We’ve talked before about the benefits of outsourcing chores so you can concentrate on your own work. The question is whether you’d be willing to spend this sort of money to outsource basic software setup and troubleshooting – or whether you think you can do better at your own hourly rate. Any takers?



I probably wouldn’t outsource it, I’d pay a little more for an established company like support.com (bonus that they are US-based.) I like to have someone on call.


It seems like a rather low price. I suppose if you feel you’ll need it, and are willing to take the risk of sacrificing good support for low costs, then it might be worth it.

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As an apple user (sorry haters) I tend not to need much if any tech support. Forums plus AppleCare suffice though.

When I did work in a PC environment having tech support outsourced was a mistake. There is no substitute for somebody on site , on the payroll.


What a waste of money. With the available resources online, the only reason you would do this (in my opinion) is if you are stupidly busy, stupidly rich or stupidly lazy. Fortunately, I dont fit into any of those categories.

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