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Olympics Will Webcast After Pacific Coast TV

NBC finally let us know how long the delay would be between Olympics events appearing on television and then online. According to an NBC rep, popular events like swimming and gymnastics will be broadcast live in prime time TV on the East Coast. But they will be delayed for the Pacific Coast, shortly after which they will go up online.

This still kinda sucks for web video watchers — who would, of course, rather see everything live — but it could be a lot worse. Cold comfort, I know.

The Olympics promise to be a highlight of an already pretty spectacular year for sports online. Already we’ve had March Madness, Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open, Major League Baseball, heck, even the Tour de France performed decently online. And now you can add Wimbledon, which pumped out 1 million live streams and 4 million on-demand streams over the course of the recent tournament, according to a rep for Mediazone, which ran online video for the event.

Don’t expect sports online to slow down anytime soon. As eMarketer notes, a recent Screen Digest study predicts that the number of sports-related streams and downloads will jump to 10.9 billion in 2012 from 5.3 billion in 2007.