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New MacBook Rumors

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Last week, during the Q2 financial call for Apple, Peter Oppenheimer does what Apple does best: he stirred the pot. It may seem to the untrained eye that Apple’s less-than-stellar four-product launch was detrimental to the company, but how quickly we forget. Just a few short words left all the bad feelings behind and kept the rumormill going at full tilt once again, “…and we’re busy finishing several more wonderful new products to launch in the coming months.” In the call, Oppenheimer stressed that he could not talk about these products, and that they would be released at about the end of September. What better way to divert the attention from poor performance than to announce bleeding edge products that will leave the competitors straggling in the dust?

Since the brief unannouncement, the speculation has been plentiful, with some talk of new Apple Cinema Displays (and from January of this year), but most of the rumors have focused on the long overdue MacBook line.

Here are some highlights:

  • Thinner and lighter MacBook and MacBook Pros with glass trackpads, to utilize Multi Touch, and will be called MacBook Touch(ComputerWorld)
  • No Intel chipsets (the CPU will still be Intel–not going back to PowerPC), looking at AMD, VIA, or nVidia (CNET)
  • One long piece of aluminum for the body of all three notebooks (AppleInsider)

I have heard of some others that sound pretty farsical, and of course, a Mac tablet is always bantered about when it is time for a new rumor. What other features have you heard? What would force your hand to upgrade when they are released?

18 Responses to “New MacBook Rumors”

  1. i have a Mac Book Pro. when i start mac sometimes it says to reboot or when i login to my mac all the colours become fade and computer stuck and reboot. i want to know whats the problem and how can i get it solved.

  2. The White Shadow

    Fellas, I apologize for the vociferous and admittedly uncalled for flame.

    There’s a reason this blog is on my bookmarks bar. But you gotta admit that writing “poor performance” in the context of a *financial* call allows for interpretation that you are questioning *financial* performance.

    With two other mistakes in the post (wrong quarter, wrong “farcical”), I assumed you’d simply made a third in getting the actual financials wrong. My bad.


  3. I predict Apple will include these things in the upcoming product transition:

    1. Blue ray drives
    2. SSD disks or hybrid disks
    3. Quad Core CPU as an option
    4. Nvidia 9M GPU’s
    5. Price drop to get even more market share

    Personally I don’t see why Apple would bother straying from the Intel chipsets after the good it has done switching from the PPC platform.

    I just updated my MB to a MBP four weeks ago, so I won’t be upgrading again anytime soon.


  4. I’m a good year away from upgrading my computer. It’s a MacBook Pro 2.33 Ghz Core 2 Duo, so it’s failry new. It maxes out at 2GB RAM, which is the only thing I hate about it… if it wasn’t for that I”d be completely happy (I really want more than 2GB of RAM).

    I do think a sleeker MacBook Pro would be nice though…maybe make the lid thinner like the Air, and trim a little off the base too. That’d cut about 1/4″ off and would make it SUPER sleek.

    I definitely think when they revamp the MBP they’ll include the new keyboards and an even-wider trackpad. I like the big trackpad on mine, but bigger is better in this area.

    Overall, Apple’s done REALLY well with it’s current notebook lineup, so any changes will be small tweaks not major design overhauls. If it’s not broke……

  5. I’d like to see Apple take its iPod product line and turn it into “Pocket Macs.” Each unit would be like a portable Mac Mini. Loaded with OS 10.5. You could use a wireless keyboard and mouse in conjunction with a full-size screen which could be linked by a DVI docking station.

    So, basically, you could take your computer with you. When you’re at home or in the office you would use it like a standard computer and when mobile you would use the touchscreen to enter data.

  6. @The White Shadow: Chill my friend. As Jethro said, “poor performance” is in regards to all of the product launch issues lately. I know it’s nice to say other people have “feeble minds” and that we “suck”…but those words really just make you look silly in this case.

  7. Jethro Jones

    MacRat, I was referring to the design being overdue, not the innards.

    The White Shadow, poor performance on July 11th surrounding the launch of the iPhone 3g and MobileMe.

    Yacko, I heard that Microsoft signed a consent decree regarding their antitrust lawsuit in 2002, but I don’t know if Apple ever signed one.

  8. I don’t think it is any surprise Apple will rely heavily on aluminum and glass in all their computers due to recycling concerns. Recycling pressure from States and gov agencies, US and foreign, is high and that pressure will only ramp up into the future. Apple is always out front on trends like this. I would expect that Apple engineering to be focused both on the ease and time to factory assemble a computer, but now the disassembly and recycling of the components is becoming as critical a cost concern, especially considering the manufacturers of these items will ultimately be responsible for end-of-life consequences. Didn’t Apple sign some sort of consent decree with the State of California?

  9. The White Shadow

    “Poor performance?” Do you know of a concept called “research,” or do you guys just spout whatever flimflam slowly leaks from your feeble minds?

    Apple’s THIRD quarter results (the Q2 call was back in May, doofus) reported the best June quarter for revenue and earnings in Apple history (revenue of $7.46 billion and net quarterly profit of $1.07 billion, or $1.19 per diluted share). What was TAB’s revenue for that period, hunh?

    The only thing “poor” here is this blog’s collective intelligence. You guys didn’t used to suck so hard.

  10. If it is just one peice of aluminum, isn’t the term book completely inaccurate? It’s only a book, or notebook computer, if it opens and closes.

  11. MacRat

    here’s the recent MacBook release history:


    How is a new MacBook release in any way “over due?”