Flip Passes the 1 Million-Mark, Ultra Now No. 1

Pure Digital is proving that simplicity sells. The company says it has now sold 1 million of its Flip video cameras in less than a year, and the NPD Group has listed the Flip Ultra as the top-selling video camera in June.

Flip hitting the top spot isn’t too much of a surprise. In March, the company said it had nabbed 13 percent of the camcorder market, and in June it released the slimmer Flip Mino, which hit No. 6 on the NPD Group’s chart in its first month.

Simon Flemming-Wood, vice-president of marketing for Pure Digital, told me in an interview that 50 percent of Flip owners already had a camcorder. “The point-and-shoot phenomenon has been driving the growth,” he said. “Until we launched Flip there wasn’t such a thing as a point-and-shoot camcorder.”

So what’s next for the little camera that could? HD. Flemming-Wood said Pure Digital has held off on releasing a high-definition version of the Flip because the processing power on most computers couldn’t handle HD (especially at 60 fps), sharing HD video online was limited and, well, they’ve been quite successful without it.

Having said all that, Pure Digital expects to have an HD product out by the end of the year (or at least an announcement of one), according to Flemming-Wood.

And in another bit of news that warms the cockles of people like myself, who are both Flip and Mac users, Pure Digital said that after recent updates from Apple, the Flip camera is now fully compatible with Mac video apps, including QuickTime, iMovie and iDVD.