FireTune: Free Performance Boost for Firefox


Want to improve your Firefox performance? Before the latest version of Firefox arrived, I mentioned a great, free utility that you can use to soup up the browser, called FireTune. I’ve been testing the new version with the new Firefox 3.0.1, and despite the many under-the-hood performance improvements in the new Firefox, this utility will still boost your performance.

If you’re familiar with working under Firefox’s hood, you know that if you type about:config into the browser’s address bar, you can pull up a giant list of files that you can tweak to optimize Firefox. This is a pain for many people, though, and FireTune is basically an automated set of optimizations, saving you the hassle of making them.

FireTune does not modify the Firefox executable file, or any other binary file, so you don’t have to worry that it’s going to turn the browser to toast. When you first go to use it, it asks you to make some specifications about the speed of your computer, and the speed of your broadband connection. After you supply these answers, everything else is automated.

The primary performance improvements in Firefox 3 come from an updated version of the Gecko rendering engine that underlies the browser. However, FireTune’s optimizations affect basic operations such as simply determining that the browser begins to render a page the instant you specify that it should, and optimizing how caching is handled. You can find a laundry list of what all the optimizations do in FireTune’s Help file. It definitely has a positive impact on Firefox 3, just as it did on previous versions.

Can you recommend any good Firefox optimizations?



Pls notice,if you use NOD32 or Kaspersky antivirus,they are based on a proxy,so if you put “Pipelining” to “true” your computer will load pages ALOT slower.
If you use other AV,you should get a little boost if you set “Pipelining” to TRUE.


“Can you recommend any good Firefox optimizations?”

Yep, stay away from junkware like firetune.

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