Buffalo offering SSD expansion for Asus Eee PCs: 32- or 64-GB

Buffaloasuseee901xThis new Buffalo flash memory component would like mighty nice in my Asus Eee PC. Of course, I just sold the 701 model because I’m scouting around for one of the newer netbooks right now. If I hadn’t, I’d be trying to get my hands on Buffalo’s 901-X PCI-express mini SSD memory module.

The smaller capacity 32 GB card is expected to runs $156 or you can double your pleasure and get 64 GB for $316. I can’t check the Eee since it’s no longer here, but if I recall correctly, there was an interface for this type of expansion right under the easy to remove cover. The one that said "warranty void if removed". ;) Looks like a September release in Japan, but I suspect the product will quickly cross geographic borders soon after that.

(via Gizmodo)


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