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Eisner Back in TV; Sells Animation Show To Nickelodeon

imageMichael Eisner is back in…TV! What a surprise. After investing in some digital media startups (Veoh, Vuguru) and buying some random companies (Topps), Eisner is back in TV. Through his private investment firm, Tornante, Eisner has sold his first animated series, “Glenn Martin DDS,” to the Viacom-owned kids channel Nickelodeon. The program, about a dentist who takes his family on a road trip across the country, is expected to debut next summer, reports LAT. Nickelodeon has ordered 20 episodes for its “Nick at Nite” prime-time block.

Eisner has hired a team of 10 writers in Los Angeles..he launched Tornante Animation out of his investment firm to produce “Glenn Martin DDS” and other animated shows. Meanwhile, for Nickelodeon’s perspective on trying to develop the programming, see this NYT story. More details on the deal in the release.

One Response to “Eisner Back in TV; Sells Animation Show To Nickelodeon”

  1. Nathan Richardson

    Do you think he is going to try to rekindle his relationship a la Pixar for old times sake or will he look to Dreamwork's new investor's Reliance to cash in on his success?