Samsung Omnia: does iPhone-ish outside work with Windows Mobile inside?

SamsungomniaReaders in the audience tired of hearing about the iPhone will appreciate Arne Hess’s first look review at the Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia, which looks like the… oh shoot. Anyway, it’s a slick and sleek Windows Mobile 6.1 device with a generous 3.2-inch touchscreen running at 240 x 400, giving you 80 more pixels than your standard QVGA device. Much like the recent rash of HTC devices, Samsung has customized a few screens on the Omnia to get users away from the standard WinMo shell; something we need to see more phone manufacturers doing to differentiate their product and make the user experience more positive. I still worry about input without a stylus. I know that I’ve been struggling with soft keyboards on WinMo deviceslately, so I’ll admit it’s possible that my fingers have been corrupted by Cupertino.

All the bells and whistles are tucked inside this GSM phone: 128 MB RAM / 256 MB ROM, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support, WiFi, GPS, 5-megapixel camera on the back, 8- or 16-GB of internal flash memory storage, 1440 mAh battery, FM radio and HSDPA for 3G. Opera Mobile 9.5 is installed as are other useful third-party apps like ShoZu, an RSS reader and a podcatcher. Note that there’s no stylus included with the Omnia, so the burden is on Samsung to create a truly, finger-friendly interface in the Windows Mobile environment. How does it pan out? Check the::unwired’s full review and have a look see.


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