HP 2133 Mini-note sells out in Japan again


Hp_mininote_jkotrJust heard this from reader Robert Kawaratani in Japan who has been following the release of the HP 2133 Mini-note with great interest.  Japan has no shortage of mini-notebooks as most of them are produced by Japanese OEMs and the HP is, well, not.  The HP Mini-note went on sale in Japan a few weeks ago and immediately sold out of existing stock, forcing HP to stop accepting online orders in Japan for the little notebook.  Online orders resumed on July 24 and according to messages on the HP Japan website sales had to be suspended that same day as orders exceeded supply once again.  The word on the HP Japan web site (translated) is that sales will be resumed in August when the Mini-note is back in stock.  This is surprising to me as the HP is more expensive than some of the Japanese mini-notebooks and is actually imported into Japan.



Nate’s right: as Apple has shown, never underestimate the power of style.


I also like that it has an Expresscard slot unlikt most of these and has 1280×768 resolution screen vs 1024×600 in most other “netbooks” and also for most models that have a hard drive, shock protection.

I don’t mind paying extra for the things the HP offers but the Via C7 processor is the deal breaker. I would love to buy this with an Intel Core Solo ULV, I’m not even sure about Atom.


The Mini-Note has was almost all of these other mini-notebooks don’t. Style.

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