Google Calendar adds iCal Support


Google appears to have finally noticed that Mac users would like to sync their desktop calendars with their online ones: they’ve released (in beta form) Google Calendar CalDAV support. By following their instructions, you can set up synchronization between your OS X Leopard calendar and your Google one.

Though it works, the initial release is rough. Among the current issues are that it doesn’t work with other CalDAV-enabled software, it doesn’t support To Dos, and it doesn’t sync email reminders or alarms. You might want to look at the free Calgoo or the $65 Spanning Sync instead. In any case, I recommend backing up your data before experimenting.


Judi Sohn

SpanningSync is more expensive, but it also supports contact syncing which it appears none of the other solutions do.

Zviki Cohen

Unfortunately, the new sync does not support Hebrew. I’m guessing YMMV for other non-English languages as well. I’ll stick with Plaxo for now.


I use plaxo to sync my iCal and google calendar. It’s the easiest, cheapest sync solution I’ve found.


Should also mention BusySync. It works very well and and at $25 it’s a lot cheaper than spanningsync.


thank you for this.

what I’d be excited about is if Google Calendar synched up with Now Up To Date on OSX…will check out Calgoo, though.

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