GigaOM interviews Michael Dell


Dell_logoOne of the best things for jkOnTheRun from our affiliation with GigaOM is the industry contacts that begin to open up.  A good example of that is the interview of Michael Dell that Om Malik has published today from a sit-down meeting with the CEO of Dell.  Om quizzed Michael about the directions that Dell are now headed and it’s a good interview for those interested.  I find it interesting if not surprising to see that mobile computing is one of the five areas of growth that Dell has identified and a market they are actively developing. 

Om: What do you think is the biggest opportunity for Dell?

Dell: We have identified five big opportunities.When I say big, I’m talking about $5-$10 billion dollars each in termsof scale opportunities. They are the consumer business, mobilecomputers, emerging countries, enterprise, and small/medium business.We [have] reorganized the company around these key priorities.

Read the interview and get a glimpse into the direction Dell is heading in the future.

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