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Tradual Raises $2.6 Million For Forex-Based Social Media

Given the popularity of individuals speculating on the foreign exchange (currency) markets, this seems inevitable… Social media firm Tradual has raised $2.6 million of a $4 million round led by North Bridge Venture Partners, according to peHUB, citing a regulatory filing. The Boston-based company doesn’t have a working website yet, so it’s not totally clear what they’re building, but it’s something having to do with Forex and social media. Money meets social networking has been a big trend, with sites like MyTrades, Stockpickr and several others attacking this area.

2 Responses to “Tradual Raises $2.6 Million For Forex-Based Social Media”

  1. Nathan Richardson

    Hmmmm. What will be their differentiator versus the already busy space of start ups and traditional sites– they should focus on the Zimbabwean CCY given you could say you traded billions…