Meet Moondo, Multiplayer, Multi-game Network


Moondo, a new “cross-gaming universe” from Funtactix (an Israeli game studio that’s backed by $6 million in Series A funding from Benchmark Capital and Jerusalem Venture Partners) has come out of limited beta. Sort of like Xbox Live for the web, Moondo lets you create your own characters, which can jump into a variety of 3-D action and sports games. All along, points and virtual items are collected and retained across the network, so you can track your accomplishments against friends and competitors.

Since it’s free to play, Funtactix CEO Sam Glassenberg tells me, the company plans to make money through virtual item sales. Moondo’s a fun idea with potential stickiness, especially for young teens, but I strongly suspect the site’s somewhat odd cartoonish graphics will turn off older players, as will the 85 MB client install (though a web version is planned for October.)


Simon Newstead

Seems a bit strange to launch with a large 85MB client download with a new web version coming so soon in October. I wonder if the web version is a replacement? If so, seems a smart move…. big client is a big barrier these days

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