Fabrik Releases Eco Bamboo [re]drive


How do you make computing eco-hip? Wrap it in bamboo. Back in April, Dell showed off its bamboo-clad PC that uses 70 percent less power than a standard computer. Today, storage company Fabrik announced the release of its new eco-friendly external storage drive dubbed the [re]drive, made from bamboo and aluminum.

The 500 GB [re]drive uses a combination of materials, power management and design to minimize its environmental footprint. The bamboo and aluminum case is 100 percent recyclable, and the specially-designed ridges on the casing act as heat sinks, cooling the drive without the use of a fan.

As far as power consumption goes, the [re]drive has a Energy Star level 4-qualified power adapter, automatically shuts on or off with your computer and features a low-power hard drive that the company says saves up to 40 percent in power consumption.

The green of this storage machine also extends to the manufacturing and packaging. Waste aluminum from the manufacturing process is mixed in with the raw aluminum to make parts. The box it comes in contains no extraneous materials and is 100 percent recyclable.

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