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SAG Stalemate Continues; Board Backs Negotiators’ Demand That New Media Be Covered

The board of the Screen Actors Guild is backing up its negotiators on the demand to include new media in contracts. The unanimous 68-0 vote late Saturday comes as Reuters notes, after members upset by the current stalemate in talks with the studios banded together to offer a slate of its own for the Sept. 18 board elections. SAG statement.

A quick review: SAG members continue to work under the old contract, which expired June 30 after a final offer from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). A July 10 SAG proposal went nowhere and this vote drew a reminder from AMPTP that the union has until August 15 to ratify the studios’ offer and still get retroactive pay increases. It’s even running a “lost wages” calculator on the front of the AMTMP site — more than $6 million as of Sunday evening — and a lost “new media residuals & rights” clock.