The Web is Big


ScreenshotDo you miss the days when the search engines used to brag about how many pages they’d managed to index? Well, today’s blog entry from Google should warm your heart: their new content hunting systems are now tracking upwind of 1 trillion unique URLs on the web. I could write about how long it would take to view them all at some unreasonable rate, or about stacking printouts to the moon and beyond, but the bottom line is simple: the web is a mighty big place. (Google, of course, manages to trawl through it several times daily, but they have more computing power than you and I).

For web workers, the explosive growth (1000 times larger than the year 2000 web) continues to represent enormous possibilities. The economic incentive to innovate and improve web services grows stronger as the web itself grows deeper and richer. And somewhere out there, it seems likely that each of us has the ideal niche – if only we can find it.

Image credit: stock.xchng user barunpatro

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