Top BitTorrented TV Downloads This Week

Top BitTorrent TV Downloads Week Ending July 21, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 1 One Piece
2 2 Heroes
3 3 Lost
4 4 Prison Break
5 7 Smallville
6 5 Grey’s Anatomy
7 6 Dexter
8 8 South Park
9 10 How I Met Your Mother
10 12 Family Guy
11 11 Desperate Housewives
12 9 Supernatural
13 13 The Simpsons
14 14 Stargate Atlantis
15 17 House, M.D.
16 16 Battlestar Galactica
17 18 My Name Is Earl
18 19 One Tree Hill
19 22 Weeds
20 20 Scrubs

According to the latest data from Big Champagne, One Piece continues its Torrent dominance for the fourth week in a row, leading off the top four rankings that remain unchanged from last week.

There are no big or surprising jumps elsewhere on the chart this week, either. It’ll be interesting to see if the needle moves for any shows after the big Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend.

NOTE: Rankings are based on global download volumes as measured by swarm sizes, swarm speeds and file sizes. These data reflect the collective global popularity of all available show content from all seasons current and past, not just the most recent broadcast.


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