Eee PCs to get “whole-day” battery life and an Eee-drive

AsuslogoA new day calls for a new Asus Eee PC post, right? Don’t worry, eventually the endless product line and news stream will come to an end. Besides, this might be worth sharing if DigiTimes is accurate. Asus is looking to add "whole-day" battery life to the Eee line, although there’s no deets on just how that would happen. Nor is anyone defining what "whole-day" is. I define it as at least 8-hours of actual run-time and I meet that definition with two 6-cell batteries with my Samsung Q1UP UMPC. It’s a bummer to have to carry two batteries, but they last 10 to 12 hours and I never have to carry an AC adapter, nor do I have find the seat in Starbucks next to an outlet. Like I mentioned the other day, we need cost-effective advances in battery technologies to maximize benefits from the latest power-efficient mobile chipsets. Since no new technologies have magically appeared in the past few days, I suspect that Asus will be offering an external battery pack of some sort. Usually, these can run you around $200 or more, making it a relatively large expense when compared to a $300 to $500 netbook. We’ll have to see what develops.

Oh, I almost forgot that Asus is looking to offer Internet file storage as well, something that complements the low-capacity SSD models in my opinion. Like my thought on the name? Has to be called the "Eee-Drive", right? ;)


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