Coffee break- where everybody knows your name


We all like to go where everybody knows our name:


Unusually I am the only person here with a computer even though the place is hopping.  I am not happy that Outlook crashed a minute after resuming from sleep.  Sucks.



JK- Are you happy with the screen on the Lenovo U110…is it to glossy and grainy as I have read in some reviews? Thanks.

James Kendrick

Josh, I don’t have a favorite, I use what I think will fit the given task. I have been using the HP 2710p a lot for blogging due to its light form and great keyboard. I have used the U100 when size is a big factor yet when I still need a good keyboard. I use the P1620 as a tablet almost exclusively now as the keyboard is just a tad too small for prolonged writing sessions.


What is your preferred blogging device? I see that you are using less of the Fujitsu P1620, and more of a the loaner device AKA( Lenovo)laptop. I bet you will report less on inking applicatons.


Only one on a laptop? It’s the opposite in San Francisco. I go into a cafe, and there may be 1 person NOT on a laptop. All of our cafes, in the last year or so, have rewired themselves so there’s a handy outlet at virually every seat. Life is good (:

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