Clipped! RedLasso Suspends Beta Service

Nothing like a lawsuit to put a kink in your business plan. Just days after NBC and Fox sued RedLasso, the service that allowed bloggers to create custom video and audio clips from news sources, the company announced today that it has suspended blogger access to its beta site. But even in its press release, the company stuck to its Constitutional guns:

“The now-suspended Beta site provides bloggers with online broadcast content tools that enables them to exercise their first amendment rights to comment on newsworthy events, by searching blogger-selected TV and radio segments and creating limited duration clips for usage in blog posts.”

The company will continue to offer a business service that allows companies to create clips for internal use, and a radio service that allows stations to clip their content and post it to their sites.

RedLasso has had a short but interesting history. Check out our timeline of major news events for the company.