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RedLasso Suspends Open Access To its Site, For Now; Appeals To Bloggers

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imageSo the lawsuit has had the desired effect: RedLasso, the controversial online video clip and sharing service, is suspending its open service for now. “It has no alternative but to suspend blogger access to its video search and clipping Beta site for the immediate future. The company will continue to operate and provide services to its business and Radio To Web clients such as Greater Media and *XM* Satellite Radio,” according to an e-mailed release.

Earlier this week, NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), Fox News Network and Fox Television Stations filed a lawsuit, alleging RedLasso hadn

5 Responses to “RedLasso Suspends Open Access To its Site, For Now; Appeals To Bloggers”

  1. Observer

    @#1 It is not about money but daily sanctions charged against Redlasso by utilizing copyrighted clips of NBC and FOX. They have to pull the content down. This one is not over. Hmmm CBS x-execs running the show and CBS content removed a week ago… Hmmm CBS in the Cease and Desist and then suddenly not in the lawsuit. Who owns Hulu with a $1B valuation? RL was a competition killer of Hulu for sure! Whadda you think?

  2. Rafat Ali

    They really don't have a case based on fair use for bloggers. They don't allow bloggers to modify/transform it and use on their own sites/blogs.

  3. Joseph Weisenthal

    I wonder if they just ran out of cash and couldn't pay the bills anymore. It had been well reported that they were out looking for money, but at this point they're totally unfundable. No doubt their bandwidth costs are pretty high, not to mention a legal fight.