Olympics Roundup: Games; NZ Video Clips; TD-SCDMA Warning; Singapore TV Streams

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Official Games: Sega has announced a couple of official mobile games for the Beijing Olympics. The two titles are Beijing 2008 The Official Mobile Phone Game of the Olympic Games (wisely contracted to Beijing 2008, because seriously…) and Sonic at the Olympic Games. In Beijing 2008 players can represent one of 32 countries for “four authentic Olympic events”: 100m, Hammer Throw, 200m Freestyle and Table Tennis. Alternatively the Sonic game allows people to compete as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy in five events including 1500m, 400m Hurdles, Triple Jump, Discus, and Javelin…but not the 200m roll. The prices vary by carrier but range between $2.99 and $7.99, which is a huge difference.

NZ Video Clips: TVNZ and Telecom have signed a deal to stream 3-minute videos of the Beijing Olympics, with 3G customers able to stream up to 20 per day free of charge. The videos will include “Kiwi performances, athlete interviews, and key events of the day from Beijing”. (TVNZ)

China Mobile: China Mobile is offering a special mobile deal to foreigners visiting for the Olympics, touting it at Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport. I just love this quote in the Xinhuanet story: “3G mobile phone users should note that the Chinese domestic mobile service supports GSM and TD-SCDMA network only, and the latter might be different to the 3G standards in other countries. It is advised that these users check with their domestic network carrier whether their mobile phones can support international roaming and the 3G network in China.” The 3G standard might be different? I’m going to go out on a very short limb here and say that your 3G handset will not work on the TD-SCDMA network. China Mobile is subsidizing the cost of TD-SCDMA handsets during the Olympics (get ’em out there while there’s good content) and will be expanding coverage from the 10 Olympic cities to another 28 cities after the games, reports CIOL.

StarHub Free Coverage: Singapore telco StarHub will offer a free live stream of each of its 6 Olympic TV channels to all its postpaid 3G and 3.5G customers, also noting that customers won’t be charged for data. StarHub will release a mobile TV client application to help navigate the streams. (release)

BBC Alerts: The BBC is offering text alerts 15-30 minutes before a sporting event someone may wish to watch, up to two per day for free. I guess the idea is to have more people watching the broadcaster’s Olympic coverage. (BBC)

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