Android And Symbian Sitting In a Tree: Suggested Merger Pretty Unlikely


Analyst J Gold and Associates has come out with a prediction that Symbian and Android will begin merging into one open source OS within 3-6 months, and it’s gotten a fair bit of airplay. The reasons?

— “Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) investment in Android is “diluting the potential for it [Google] to build compelling cross-device applications where it can generate substantial revenues”.
— Symbian could get some cred with the open source community.
— Fewer platforms for the market, which would benefit everybody.

“A combination of the Android and Symbian efforts would be good for the industry, good for Google and good for Symbian,” J. Gold said. “It would also help spur a growth in the availability of applications and services. The downside is minimal. Everyone wins,” reports Information Week. It’s true that Symbian does need to attract unpaid developers to its open source effort, and it’s also true that Symbian CEO Nigel Clifford said that the organization would be happy to work with Google “on the application level or


Dilip Dand

I disagree that any Symbian-Google combination would ditch Symbian OS in favor of the Linux OS. Symbian has to much vested in its OS to ditch it even in the long run considering over half of the phones worldwide have Symbian on them. Also all the other players who have committed resources to support Symbian will not give it up without a fight. Besides, Android is unproven yet. It needs to make


I say the combination is not likely in 3-6 months. Android has not even hit the market yet and I don't think they have proven their platform. It might happen someday, but 3-6 months is just too soon.

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